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기준 및 특전


1. Membership

It is divided into regular members, associate members, special members, honorary members, institutional members, and library members.

  • Regular member

    • Full-time lecturer level or higher whose specialization, is related to Southeast Asian Studies at universities and equivalent educational institutions.

    • Those who engage in business and research related to Southeast Asia in public or private institutions or research institutes.

    • PhD holders related to area studies of Southeast Asia.

  • Special member: Individuals who agree with the mission of the KASEAS in business.

  • Institutional member: Organizations that wish to contribute to the development of Southeast Asian Studies.

  • Associate member: A person who studies Southeast Asia area studies and related studies in a master's or doctoral course at graduate school, who agrees with the purpose of the KASEAS.

2. Admission to the KASEAS

Regular members, special members, and institutional members must apply for membership with the endorsement of three or more regular members of KASEAS. The decision to join or not is determined by the approval of the Executive Board of Directors.

For someone to become an associate member, they need to be recommended by at least one regular member of the association.

3. Membership Fee

The right to participate in all activities and projects of the society, such as various seminars, academic events, publications, etc. has

  • Regular member annual fee: 70,000 KRW

  • Regular member lifetime membership fee: 700,000 KRW (Associate membership lifetime 500,000 KRW / Institutional membership lifetime 1,000,000 KRW)

5. Member's privileges

  • Members have the opportunity to engage in various activities and initiatives organized by the KASEAS, both domestically and internationally. This includes seminars, academic events, publications, and other undertakings.

  • Additionally, members have the right to receive regular publications such as the academic journal The Southeast Asian Review along with periodic materials, publications, and updates on Southeast Asian-related news and events.

  • Paying members also possess the right to participate in the election process, both as voters and candidates, for the position of KASEAS president.

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