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Temples in Sunseet

The Korean Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (KISEAS) operates as the primary research unit under the Korean Association of Southeast Asian Studies (KASEAS). KISEAS is dedicated to promoting Southeast Asian studies in Korea by developing and suggesting policies towards Southeast Asia, enhancing people-to-people and civil society exchange and cooperation, and educating the general public on Southeast Asia.


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History of KISEAS

The KISEAS traces its roots back to December 1990, when a group of eight young political scientists specializing in Southeast Asian studies established it. Over time, the group grew to include 40 scholars and 25 post-graduate students, all of whom were studying Southeast Asian studies by December 2003. The KISEAS was officially registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in March 2004.

In 2020, the KISEAS merged with the Korean Association of Southeast Asian Studies (KASEAS) in order to enhance networking opportunities among researchers and to effectively utilize research capabilities and resources held separately by the two institutions. Despite the merger, KISEAS maintains its unique functions and identity, as well as its proud 30-year tradition, while also exploring ways to promote Southeast Asian studies in Korea.

Organizational Restructuring to Southeast Asia Regional Research Council

Approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

for the establishment of a corporate foundation

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has designated our organization as a recipient of public-interest corporate donations


Commencement of the 'Korea-ASEAN Scholar Exchange Program


Southeast Asia Regional Studies Emerging Scholars Training Program

Incorporation into the organizational


under the Korean Association of Southeast Asian Studies









Establishment of the Southeast Asian Political Research Association

Organizational Transformation into the Korean Institute of Southeast Asian Studies 

Registration of the Korea Southeast Asia Research Institute Publisher


Commencement of the Korea-ASEAN Scholar Exchange Program with the 'Korea-ASEAN Forum'

Korea Forum, ASEAN Forum, Advanced Seminar 


​National Research Foundation of Korea research project 

Footsteps of KISEAS



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NEAT Country Coordinator

Country Research Committee

Topic Research Committee

국가/지역별 연구분과 위원회
  • 국가/지역 분과 8개(필리핀, 싱가포르, 베트남, 인도네시아-동티모르, 말레이시아-브루나이, 태국-라오스, 미얀마-캄보디아, 아세안)


김동엽(부산외대), 서경교(한국외대), 박승우(영남대), 정법모(부경대), 엄은희(메디치미디어), 오윤아(서울대), 양창원(하와이대)


김종호(서강대), 김주영(전북대), 최인아(대외경제정책연구원), 임시연(유네스코한국위원회), 김지훈(인하대)



김용균(서울대), 이한우(서강대), 채수홍(서울대), 윤대영(서울대), 백용훈(단국대), 오하나(창원대), 명재석(서울대)


황인원(경상국립대), 오명석(서울대), 홍석준(목포대), 이재현(아산정책연구원), 이경찬(영산대), 김형종(연세대), 고영경(고려대), 이종하(조선대), 최기룡(경남도의회)


채현정(덕성여대), 부경환(서울대), 한유석(서울대), 현시내(서강대), 서정인(전아세안대표부대사), 박은홍(성공회대), 이재호(대외경제정책연구원), 서보경(연세대), 이상국(연세대), 이혜란(서울대), 이정우(고려대), 이요한(부산외대), 이미지(부산외대)

김형준(강원대), 구보경(부산외대), 김예겸(부산외대), 박정훈(부산대), 서지원(서울대), 송승원(한국외대), 신윤환(서강대), 신재혁(고려대), 여운경(서울대), 유민지(이화여대), 이경묵(전북대), 이지혁(한국수출입은행), 장상경(부산외대), 전제성(전북대), 정정훈(서강대), 최경희(서울대), 최인아(대외경제정책연구원), 김영선(전인도네시아대사)


김희숙(전북대), 정연식(창원대), 김애진(동서대), 문기홍(부경대), 박진영(전북대), 부경환(서울대), 양영란(전북대), 장준영(한국외대), 홍문숙(부산외대), 정호재(서울대)


이재현(아산정책연구원), 김형종(연세대), 배기현(서강대), 최인아(대외경제정책연구원), 이진영(전북대), 이숙연(국방대)

주제별 연구분과 위원회
  • 6개 주제 분과(이주난민, 경제경영, 보건복지, 문화유산, 개발협력, 안보평화)


김지훈(인하대), 김태식(Monash University Malaysia), 서지원(서울대), 김정현(충남대)


백용훈(단국대), 김주영(전북대), 김희숙(전북대), 서보경(연세대), 양영란(전북대), 전제성(전북대)


정법모(부경대), 문기홍(부경대), 이정혜(부경대), 김애진(동서대), 한유석(서울대), 이진영(전북대), 홍문숙(부산외대), 구보경(부산외대), 최기룡(경남도의회)


고영경(고려대), 정혜영(건국대), 최인아(대외경제정책연구원), 채상수(고려대), 이종하(조선대)


정정훈(서강대), 현시내(서강대), 김종호(서강대), 한유석(서울대), 이창규(뉴욕주립대)


이숙연(국방대), 박성용(전북대), 최신일(Golden Myankor Global), 유민지(이화여대)

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