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6th Southeast Asia Regional Trends Symposium

The KASEAS, in collaboration with the Institute for Southeast Asia Studies at Jeonbuk National University and the Institute for East Asia Studies at Sogang University, is excited to announce the "6th Southeast Asia Regional Trends Symposium" scheduled for February 1st (Thursday) and 2nd (Friday), 2024.

This symposium, featured annually as a special edition in the academic journal "The Southeast Asian Review" published by the KASEAS, aims to bring together members of the academic community, researchers, graduate students, and the general public to share and discuss expert insights on key issues that have unfolded in the host country over the past year.

The symposium will delve into critical political, economic, and foreign relations issues, including those relevant to Korea, that have surfaced in Southeast Asian countries and ASEAN in the last year. Additionally, discussions will touch upon noteworthy socio-cultural phenomena and issues. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the symposium has evolved into an annual event conducted through live webinars using Zoom, starting with the production of recorded country reviews presented on YouTube. Now firmly established as an annual academic event, the 6th Southeast Asia Regional Trends Symposium in 2024 marks another significant milestone.

For more detailed information about the symposium, you can check out the following link:


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