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Korean Translation Launch and Seminar for "Pancasila: From Indonesia to the World"

A seminar was convened to celebrate the release of the Korean translation of "Pancasila: From Indonesia to the World" (Korean Title: "빤짜실라: 인도네시아에서 세계를 위해"). This event, jointly hosted by the Korean Association of Southeast Asian Studies (KASEAS) in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Korea, marked a significant cultural exchange milestone. Professor Kim Hyung-jun, the former president of KASEAS, played a pivotal role in overseeing the translation process with meticulous care.

The seminar attracted an illustrious audience of over 60 participants, including ASEAN officials, Indonesian scholars residing in Korea, Indonesian researchers in Korea, and embassy dignitaries, all actively engaged in passionate and enlightening discussions.

The seminar commenced with a congratulatory address by KASEAS President Jeon Je-seong (Jeonbuk National University), followed by a profound opening speech delivered by the Indonesian Ambassador to Korea, H.E. Mr. Gandi Sulistiyanto. Professor Choi Kyunghee from Seoul National University's Asia Center skillfully moderated the event.

Noteworthy contributions were made by Professor Kim Hyung-jun (Kangwon National University, KASEAS Research Committee Leader on Indonesia & East Timor Studies), who, through a comparative analysis with Korean ideology, critically examined the historical evolution of Pancasila's value system.

Furthermore, Professor Song Seung-won (HUFS, Vice-President KASEAS), who conducted extensive research on Pancasila during her doctoral studies, provided valuable insights into how the values and concepts of Pancasila have evolved throughout her academic journey. Professor Song's contributions extended to exploring the potential transformation of these values into positive social values, fostering a more inclusive and democratic society, and embracing diversity.


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