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Prof. Sony Karsono, "2023 Literary Award for Short Stories"

Professor Sony Karsono, a faculty member in the Department of Malay and Indonesian Interpretation and Translation at HUFS, has received the "2023 Literary Award for Short Stories" from the Indonesian Ministry of Education for his latest work, "Sentimentalisme Calon Mayat (Sentimental Overtures to Death)," which was published on October 25, 2023. It's worth noting that Professor Sony had previously been honored with the prestigious Sutasoma Award in Indonesia for the same book earlier in October. This book comprises a collection of eight short stories that Professor Sony began writing when he was approximately twenty years old in his hometown of Surabaya.

The "Literary Award of the Year" is highly regarded within the Indonesian literary community, recognizing excellence across five categories, including poetry, novels, short stories, essays, and plays. Distinguished Indonesian authors like W.R. Renda (1996), Nh. Dini (2003), Arifin C. Noer (1990), and Oka Rusmini (2003, 2012) have all been previous recipients of this prestigious accolade.


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